Heng Sheng Construction Corporation


刚承接商业综合体14万平方米,外立面室内设计及施工,欢迎有同类项目需求的客户前来资讯。 本公司承接酒店、会所,办公、餐饮及豪华住宅等设计与施工。



Every Design is an Important opportunity, it let me recollect and compose my ideas about eastern profound knowledge, western skills and techniques to implement it on environment new innovations to revive and evolve the space, and adapt to modern life. Space and life as one, and create an everlasting life line. Together with nature, to create and build, use greenery as concept, to express eastern design’s intention.

-Jack Zhai

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  • Unit 208 Victoria de Makati, Washington Street, Makati City, Philippines
  • 09173114888
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